Blurring the lines between conformity and self-expression.

The "Muted!?" Capsule 

Images by @vanessa.fengler
Modelled by

Images by @konsciouskarla
Modelled by @zimmdavid.de

Big thank you to everyone who helped make our capsule shoot a success. It was an absolute pleasure working with such an amazing team.

We are grateful to @konsciouskarla for the execution of the photo shoot, including her incredible work shooting the lookbook and product images.

We would also like to thank @vanessa.fengler for her exceptional work shooting the editorial images that capture the essence of our collection.

A big shoutout goes to @zimmdavid.de for his outstanding modeling skills, which brought our collection to life in a special way.

Last but not least, we would like to thank @edgar_nien for his help behind the scenes, which helped to make the shoot a success.