A clash between
self-expression and

This capsule was created to explore the designer's desire for self-expression and how it can be affected by the pressure to conform to societal norms.
The designs in the capsule represent different aspects of the designer's journey on how to balance their individuality with the expectations of others.

The image above shows a reinterpreted of a Camouflage Pattern.
It is made with bright colors and high contrast to create a contradiction. This is different from the original purpose of Camouflage Pattern, which was to help people blend in and not be noticed.
The new purpose of the pattern is to draw attention and stand out. This represents the conflict between fitting in with others and expressing your own unique personality.

This design shows a mouth that has been sewn shut, with words hidden behind the threads. The words say "HOMME DU MONDE".
This design represents the difficulties of expressing yourself freely. It shows that there are barriers to speaking up, whether they come from within ourselves or from outside sources.
It should serve as a reminder that in the end, these barriers don't matter. We can overcome them and start to express ourselves more openly, even if it means stepping out of our comfort
zone. This can help us share our unique ideas and creativity with the world.


During the process of creating this capsule collected various different reference materials and pieces.

These were then broken down into the elements which I found suitable for this project. After testing and developing the designs, I wrote down my intentions behind this capsule.

The first notes about the collection.

These looks are the result of this process. Feel free to browse these items.