HDM is an abbreviation for the french name
„Homme du Monde“.
This translates to
„Human of the world“
in English and to
„Mensch der Welt“
in German. 

Photo by @mikaspringer

In 2017, I chose the name „Homme Du Monde“ for the Studio. The English translation is „Human of the World“. I selected this name to reflect my desire to build bridges between people with different backgrounds.
Growing up with a mixed German and Senegalese heritage in rural Germany,I experienced being different from a young age. Through meeting various people, I realized that I wanted to create a common ground for individuals from all backgrounds. I chose the name „Homme Du Monde“ to capture this idea.

My goal is to tell stories that are relatable to the human experience.

For many years, I have been interested in fashion and have recently started my creative journey in the field. In my early 20‘s, I found fashion to be a way to express my personal taste with already existing clothes. This sparked my interest in the topic and led me to explore it further. I initially focused on shoes, especially sneakers, which I found to be a great way to express myself and vary my outfits. I believe that the color, shape, and type of shoe can significantly influence the style you want to portray, this realization pushed me to explore deeper.

Best Regards,
@Serigne Buck

Founder of HDM Studios